Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads...

unsure of your next step, paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake? Or maybe you know what you want, but can’t ever seem to achieve it. As a life transition coach, I will support you as you stand at the crossroads and step courageously forward into the life you desire and deserve.

Life Transition Coaching

Uncover and shed what’s been holding you back from getting what you really want out of life

Are you ready to create lasting change in your everyday life?
I will help you uncover and shed what’s been holding you back from getting what you really want out of life. By holding space for you to explore and helping you break through the resistance; you will reach your goals and do what you love!

How about trying something new?
The difference between coaching and therapy is that while therapy may spend time digging deeply into the past, coaching focuses on where you are today and what you desire for yourself. It is an energizing and supportive experience!
I work with life stages and challenges in:
• Career • Divorce
• Life Stages • Marriage
• Parenting • Relationships
• Retirement • Well-being

What are you willing to commit, in order to live the life you truly desire?
Research has shown that only 1 in 7 people are able to accomplish change on their own, even when their life depends on it! Partnering with a coach, holds you accountable to your commitments. We will meet once a week for a one hour, confidential session. We meet by phone, in person or via Skype, on an average of twelve weeks. I combine proven techniques, structure, tools, and insights to customize the process for you.

Are you ready to connect with an empathetic and experienced coach?
I am here for you! Together we will tend to your most precious resource – YOU!

Contact me with questions and to set up your introductory call.

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