Would you like to develop the habits of healthy self-care; learning how to re-charge your mind, body and spirit? We will work together to empower you to connect your mind, body and soul.

I offer customizable packages that fit every personal need and budget. Packages begin at $100 per session.

Only want the Life coaching sessions? No problem. Is learning yoga lingo and mastering poses your desire? You got it. How about a mix of the two?

Choose from: Life Transition Coaching • Private Yoga • Meditation Instruction • Available for small group events

Life Transition Coaching

By integrating a grounded awareness of values, purpose and fulfillment, you will be able to reach your goal and make that next transition. For once in your life-you will gain control over your thoughts-your thoughts will not control you. Perhaps you are doing what you are doing because your parents decided it for you. Or perhaps society dictates the way you are living your life. You will finally be capable of living your own personal truth. 

What does it mean to live your personal truth? By discovering what it is that you personally desire, and feeling confident to claim it as yours, you move toward living in sync with your belief system, your truth. Start by asking yourself:

What are my beliefs? 
What do I want to change? 
What are my values?

Through the life coaching process you will discover the answers to these questions and so much more!

Private Yoga Lessons

If private yoga is your style, let me support you in your practice. Whether you are new to yoga, practice currently or have been away from yoga for a while, I will help you develop your ideal routine.
By adding balance and flexibility to your life you may notice several changes. You will stand a little taller, the aches and pains will lessen, and your stamina will increase.

Meditation Instruction

Cultivating a meditation practice is not an easy task. But with instruction, learning to sit in meditation, silently and guided, will become easier than ever before. As you work toward developing a healthy, regular habit, you may notice a shift. You will begin to notice an inner sense of calm, no matter what challenges arise. Your focus and breath will benefit as you continue to grow in the practice.

Let’s get connected!

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