Life Transition Coaching…

“Dianna has a very soothing presence and created an atmosphere where I was free to discuss whatever I felt needed discussing.  At our first meeting I laid it all out for her, and expected either a clinical response, or some new age nonsense. What I got instead was discussion with someone who has been through a lot in her own life.  And I was given a glimpse of what it means to be optimistic, at peace,  and unafraid.  Future meetings led to meditation, as I have a real need to quiet my mind.  I couldn’t tell you exactly what she said over the course of those meetings, but my mindset began a slow transformation. Dianna gave me the tools to count victories instead of defeats, and to ask myself the right questions.  She describes herself as a life transition coach, meditation instructor, and yoga teacher.  Life is, for most of us, a perpetual transition, and having someone like Dianna help on that journey can make all the difference in the world.”

-Matt S.

“The life coaching process helped me to constructively work through a couple issues. This work was thoughtful and targeted, making it possible for me to have a successful outcome within a short amount of time.”

–Andrea S.

“Life coaching helped me share what my big dream is and made my dream feel attainable. Then the question became whether I wanted to pursue that dream or stay in my field. I am happy to say I am now halfway through my BSN program, which I procrastinated on for a long time. Life coaching got me moving!”

– Nancy H.
Grass Lake

“The life coaching process brought awareness and clarity to many areas of my life. Dianna has helped me to prioritize my career and personal goals. Because of that, I have more confidence about my future, both personally and professionally. She also helps to hold me accountable for reaching my goals, while helping me work through experiences in the past that may hold me back. Life coaching is extremely useful to help people get “unstuck,” find direction, or to resolve challenges from our past.”

–Marie C.

“I owe Dianna so much. It was her keen awareness and experience that guided me to become a better observer, not just of my behavior but also to observe my own thoughts. It was then that I really started to grow, heal and flourish. I was no longer holding myself back. I learned the power of my own thoughts  and how to create from my thoughts alone, my own reality. What a powerful experience. I recommend her to everyone.

–Christian M.
Ann Arbor

Life Transition Coaching and Meditation

“Dianna provided services to our Chelsea School District staff for our opening day professional development focus on wellness.  Our staff responded so well to Dianna’s meditation session that we asked her to come back for additional opportunities.  We realize the impact that secondary trauma can have on our staff and Dianna has been an integral partner in our efforts to provide support through her meditation services.”

-Julie H.
Superintendent Chelsea School District

“I attended Dianna Kause’s Life Coaching and Guided Meditation Workshop in January, 2019. It helped me to view my goals and barriers from a different perspective. The guided meditation portion was excellent and helped me to achieve deep relaxation. She provided written materials to take home, too.”

Crystal H.

“True confession- I didn’t think the meditation to the various music was going to go well. I normally don’t like popular music with meditation or yoga. It can take me out of my state. I also fear hearing a song that I may have a negative connection with. I love it when I’m wrong!
In typical Breathe Yoga fashion, the Music and Meditation event was a wonderful experience. Dianna guided us through a simplistic yet unique practice that led to an enlightenment I couldn’t have expected. Thank you Dianna for offering a fresh perspective to the discipline.”

–Kathleen W.


“VinYin is the perfect blend of Yin and Yang. From active into stillness, Dianna leads a thoughtfully planned practice to bring the body into balance.”

-Janine B.

“I have the absolute privilege of spending time with adolescents in both middle and high school. They are bright compassionate playful… and at times stressed beyond measure by both their academic load and extracurricular activities that often consume seven out of seven days. It leaves little time for recharging their bodies and minds. 
The first class Dianna taught, ten high schoolers were treated to a session geared specifically toward connection with one another.  The exercises emphasized how dependency upon one another strengthened them and enabled them to do much more than they could by themselves.I took 22 middle schoolers to the studio a few months later. (the vast majority of them male) Their energy filled the studio and I was pretty sure this would be an epic fail. As the session continued, focusing on their breath and movement took precedence. When the session ended, they were completely still and their peace was palpable.  The music ended and they continued to lay side by side for a solid 3-4 minutes until one girl spoke aloud, “My brain feels rested.”
How grateful I am for Dianna’s gentle lead and desire to teach children that rest is a critical component of loving themselves.”

Jeanne F.
Youth Group Leader

I really like Dianna’s classes. She gives clear instruction; not too fast or too excited. In one of her classes, I loved the revolved half moon to standard half moon sequence and the reminder that we were experiencing a full moon that night. The nice thing about the order of those two poses was that usually I think of revolved as harder, but it wasn’t! I appreciate the slow warm up and the short meditation before being finished. They bring the practice integrated into everyday life. Thanks for encouraging me to remember the practice in this way!

–Robyn B.

“Dianna Kause is an outstanding Yoga Instructor!  My daughter has been involved in the Young Yogi program at Breath Yoga in Chelsea. She looks forward to every Wednesday spent with Diana and the other children.  Dianna has a sweet and calming demeanor and is a gentle leader.  My daughter loves every class she attends, as Dianna makes it unique and different every time.  We are moving soon, and I know it is going to be difficult to find such an amazing Yoga instructor that is as engaging and fun as Dianna! We will miss her!”

–Heather G.
Formerly of Ann Arbor

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