Life Transition Coach

Yoga & Meditation Instructor- Dianna Kause

My journey into a healthy mind, body and soul.

After years of success as a salon owner in the cosmetology industry, I started developing health issues that were directly brought on by my work as a hairstylist and colorist. The decision to leave a career that I absolutely loved, was beyond difficult. What would I do now? I only identified with myself as a cosmetologist. How could I leave the intimate, rewarding interactions I shared with clients on a daily basis? At the suggestion of a friend, I began working with a life coach to get through this painful transition. Through the weekly sessions, it became clear to me that life coaching as a career, was in direct alignment with my personal values and life goals. Suddenly, all my questions had answers. I began researching life coaching certifications and enrolled in a comprehensive and highly rated program. I knew I wanted to help others through their difficult life transition in the same way I had been supported through mine.

Yoga started out as a form of fitness for my body. I attended a variety of yoga classes, each time enjoying the challenge to move my body into poses that I had never seen before that moment. The movement always energized me, but I struggled with the time in class that was devoted to the stillness of relaxation or a seated meditation. One day, I mentioned this to one of my instructors, and was surprised by her response, “What we resist is what we most need. Instead of resisting the stillness of the mind and body, try to surrender to it.” Initially, her response frustrated me, I thought I had an overactive mind and body, incapable of silence. But eventually I decided I would attempt to quiet my mind. As I began to practice meditation and mindfulness, I found that it greatly eased my long-time suffering with depression and anxiety. I became a believer.

Gradually, I had an increasing desire to explore yoga philosophy and deepen my practice of poses and meditation. At the same time, the local yoga studio began to offer yoga teacher training and I quickly signed up for their inaugural class.

My genuine dedication for all three of these modalities-life transition coaching, yoga, and meditation-have led me to other trainings and certifications. With an eagerness to share my knowledge, combined with my small business owner background, crafting my own niche business seemed like a natural progression.


• Certified Professional Coach, through iPEC, the Institute of Professional
Excellence in Coaching, accredited through the ICF. Consisting of 320 hours+ of
study, 90 onsite training hours, and several final examinations.

• RYT 200 through Breathe Yoga Studio, located in Chelsea, Michigan.

• Yin Yoga 20 Continued Education hours of training.

• Meditation 20 Continued Education hours of training.

• Certified Children and Teen Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor through ChildLight

Volunteerism and Organizations

• Chelsea Business Chamber-membership and serving on the chamber board of

• Chelsea First United Methodist Church-membership and facilitated marriage

• Yoga Alliance-membership.

• Adoption Advocate-at large.

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